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The Chain Diaries

Salman Rushdie was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sussex author, Steve Scarlett has created a powerful and gripping thriller in this, his debut novel. Angie is married to an Iranian man who works at the embassy in Britain. When he is implicated in a political killing, he returns to Tehran, taking their children with him. Angie tries to retrieve her children but ends up in the notorious Evrin prison.

Not one to be put off, Angie joins forces with her father and his friend, Tony, who are retired Royal Marines, and together they work to bring her boys home. In the process, they discover that Angie's diaries may hold the key to solving a number of political assassinations across the world...

Steve Scarlett spent 23 years in the Royal Navy and worked for JACIG, an arms control organisation. His experiences permeate every line of the book, giving him an authentic voice, mixed with a compassion that adds a great deal of depth.

The story draws on the real life Chain Murders, a series of political assassinations targeting critics and enemies of Iran after the overthrow of the Shah. The recent attempt on Salman Rushdie's life in New York adds relevance.

Before it was a book, Steve wrote the story as a screenplay, his first, which I read. It was absolutely gripping, and made the semi finals of the prestigious Scriptapalooza competition. If anything, the book is even better.

I'd thoroughly recommend this.

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