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The Roaring Twenties

A Deal With Her Father

1926: His legs badly damaged in World War One, Harry Pearson has been made to feel useless. Desperate to prove his worth, he wants to start a business, but needs a loan. William Chilvers will lend him the money when nobody else will, but only if he woos  William's  headstrong daughter, Regina and changes her mind about living independently before her 21st birthday in six weeks' time. Against his better judgement, Harry agrees.

Reggie Chilvers knows her father believes a woman’s place is in the home, but she is determined: on her birthday, she will come into her inheritance, leave home, and gain her independence. The last thing she wants is a husband, even if Harry is charming, attentive and sympathetic to her views. 

Will he win her heart before his deadline? And how will she feel if she learns the truth?

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