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Regency Romance

Viscount in Hiding

Shortlisted for the Jackie Collins Romantic Thriller Award, 2024


Amelia is on her best behaviour to persuade her father she is worthy of a London season. Yet, when she finds the mysterious Josh Winter rifling through Viscount Frantham's papers, not only does she help him evade capture, she joins him in his investigations.

After several years in India, Josh returns home to find an impostor has taken his place. Convinced there's more to it than a stolen identity, he adopts a false name and sets about discovering what is happening.

The pair quickly fall for each other. But as they get nearer to the truth, they realise the stakes are far higher than they ever imagined. If they fail, it won't just cost them their hearts. It could cost them their lives.

Book available here

A Betrothal Agreement

Sophie Wilson needs to marry well but she is a wallflower. Her brother persuades Kit Thomas to court her, in hopes it will attract other suitors. It soon becomes clear to Kit that there are people who do not wish Sophie's Season to be a success, and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

Book available Here


The Smuggler's Daughter

Adam Robinson is tasked with finding the traitor leading a smuggling gang in Rotherton, Sussex. Evidence implicates Walter Ashton, whose daughter, Catherine, Adam once courted. As he searches for proof, he finds himself falling for Catherine all over again.

Two years ago, Catherine was persuaded to give up Adam, the man she loved. Now he is back in her life and she is falling for him again. But he has changed, and she is no longer certain she can trust him. 

Book available here

The Earl Pretender

Robert Carrow thought himself heir to an earldom until discovering he had an older brother. Born with developmental disabilities, Benedict disappeared at birth. Robert means to find him. Meeting Jane Winter and her brother, Ben, Robert suspects his search is over, but he’s injured by a runaway coach, the latest in a series of accidents. Jane nurses him and their feelings for each other grow.

To protect her daughter, unmarried mother Jane poses as a widow. Despite her attraction to Robert, she fears his enquiries may tear her family apart. Worse, whoever is behind his “accidents” may hurt Ben, too, thinking he’s the lost Carrow heir. Can they stay safe long enough to uncover whose brother is Ben? Hers? Or his?

Release date: June 19th 2024

Book Available here

Seek her like gold

On the trail of gold for the Government, Freddy Finch surreptitiously searches the area around Rotherton in Sussex. He is distracted by the attractive widow, Eliza Rawlins, who seems to be searching for something herself. Could she be after the gold, too?

Spinster Eliza's four year old niece has been stolen. Eliza must find her before she is taken abroad and lost forever. She poses as a widow to enable her to search without too many questions. She cannot allow her growing feelings for Freddy to get in her way.

With time running out, Freddy and Eliza must join forces to find their lost treasures, and ensure the forces of evil do not prevail. 

Release date: 23rd October 2024

Acting the Nabob

Actor Ben Summersby  is pressganged into investigating a vicious gang of thieves in Ironbridge, Shropshire. To do so, he must impersonate his wealthy cousin, Josh, who is on his honeymoon.

His plan is discovered by opera dancer Alice Buck, who is hiding from Milton Percival, a nasty East End gang leader to whom her brother has sold her in payment of gambling debts. 

Alice sees her opportunity to escape by playing Josh's wife. Afterwards she can start a new life far from London, and Percival.

At first reluctant, Ben soon finds there is more to Alice than he believed, and an attraction grows between them.

Percival, however, does not like to lose...
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