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His Maddening Matchmaker by Virginia Heath

This is the second in the Very Village Scandal stories by Virginia Heath. Set in Whittleston on the Water, it tells

the tale of Ned and Izzy and their journey to a happy ever after.

I loved Ned. He was exactly my kind of hero, brooding and a little grumpy and just wanting to be left alone, yet with a heart of gold, as shown by the way he treats the animals on his farm, adopting pigs that won't breed and trying to heal a psychopathic swan. He was just perfect.

It took me a lot longer to warm to Izzy. She was, as the title says, maddening. We've all met them, people who think they know everything, their way is the right way, won't take no for an answer and organise your life to suit them, whether you want them to or not. (Hint, probably not.) The kind of person, in short, that we try to avoid and usually end up saddled with because we're too polite to blow them off.

Ms Heath's talent showed in the way Izzy was such a very real character, and despite my dislike of her, I found myself rooting for her in the end, and wanting her to get her Happy Ever After.

It was good to see Archie take a role in this story, and I would like to see more of him in future books.

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